Exercise Classes

You want to feel your strongest. Join us as we move and reconnect with our bodies, socialize, and support one another. It’s not about “getting your body back”, it’s about feeling good about the body you have.


1st Year Yoga - 6 weeks to pre-walking with caregiver

Yoga promotes attachment, body awareness, better digestion, and longer sleep for pre-walking infants. Gentle massage and movement, coupled with fun songs, provides opportunities for overall development as well as bonding with caregiver.

1st Year Yoga offers caregivers poses to relieve neck, shoulder, and back pain, opportunities to socialize with others in the same life-stage, and provides an advice-free, non-judgmental, supportive community. No previous yoga experience is necessary.


Toddler Yoga - walking up to 4 years old with caregiver

Toddler Yoga promotes attachment, increases body awareness, reduces frustration and stress, increases attention span, provides social interaction, and builds self-esteem and confidence.

Toddlers will enjoy playful movement, fun songs, props, and poses in interactive, dynamic, and exploratory ways. Caregivers will actively assist their little yogis throughout class and participate in poses but no previous yoga experience is necessary.


Mom & Baby Pilates

Bond with baby while reconnecting to your pelvic floor and core after birth. Perform Pilates exercises with baby that target your deep core muscles to prevent pelvic floor dysfunction from pregnancy and birth. Your deep core is most effected by pregnancy and birth as needs the most tender love and care before resuming more high impact activity. Support your body through corrective Pilates exercise which has proven to be affective when combined with pelvic floor exercise to reduce back ache from all the rigors of caring for your baby.

This class is safe for moms as early as 6 weeks postpartum, all forms of delivery and those with diastasis recti (dysfunctional abdominal separation). Babies in arms welcome. Instructor is keeping the class intimate to ensure more personal instruction so sign up now to be one of 6 spots!