There is no one right way to parent...

But there are many ways to feel good about your parenting skills! Krista Maltais is an Advanced Postpartum Doula and Advanced Lactation Counselor with a background in Family Development and Dynamics. She is able to provide answers to your questions, realistic solutions to your concerns, and continual reassurance as you navigate your way through parenting. 

Private Consultations

Every family is unique and has their own personal challenges. Each consultation provides dedicated time with a trained professional so you can ask questions or address concerns you may not want to discuss in a public setting. Private consultations also provide an opportunity to obtain resources and solutions specific to your family's needs.

If we’re getting it right, it’s in large part due to your influence! (The) knowledge and patience, kindness and understanding, were invaluable as we negotiated our way into parenthood.
— M.M. & A.M., First-time parents

Optional Topics Include:

  • Back to Work Game-plan (Up to 2 hours)

    • Two days or twelve weeks, time flies when you have a new baby! Let’s create a game-plan for your physical recovery, childcare arrangements, pumping/breast milk supply and storage, and additional logistics for returning to work so you can stress less and enjoy more time with your newborn.

  • Breastfeeding Basics Prenatal Session (Up to 2 hours)

    • Breastfeeding is natural but it doesn’t come naturally! Learn the most vital information about initiating breastfeeding immediately after birth, what “the magical hour” is, how to tell if your providers are breastfeeding savvy, techniques and tips to be a supportive partner, establishing a milk supply, and what to expect in the early days and weeks of nursing. This session goes beyond the basic hospital class to address YOUR specific questions, concerns, and needs as a unique family.

  • Babe-In-Arms Breastfeeding Consultation (Up to 2 hours)

    • Like all new skills, breastfeeding takes time, practice, and patience. But when you have a crying baby (and parent), those virtues are hard to come by! If this is your first baby, we will focus on techniques to achieve pain-free latch, understanding your baby’s hunger and satiation signs, establishing/maintaining milk supply, and creating effective and enjoyable breastfeeding experiences. If this is your second (or subsequent) baby, we will review the above-mentioned but also focus on the logistics of caring for an older sibling while breastfeeding and your specific questions and concerns that may be different this time around.

  • Breast Is Best Breastfeeding Package (Up to 6 total hours)

    • The perfect gift for all expecting parents! This package combines all three breastfeeding consultations (Prenatal Basics, Babe-In-Arms, and Back to Work) to ensure the family receives comprehensive education, individualized care, continual support, and reliable resources. BONUS - Families who purchase this package receive 20% off any additional breastfeeding consultations with Krista!

  • Grandparent Greatness (1 hour)

    • When your baby is having a baby, family dynamics and communication techniques can become challenging! After all, babies haven’t changed much, but what we know about babies and our approaches to caring for them certainly has! This session is designed to help parents transition into being supportive, educated, engaged, and helpful grandparents. This session can also be used to get updated with new parenting philosophies, baby gear, breastfeeding patterns/expectations, and effective communication techniques.

  • I’m Pregnant, Now What? (1 hour)

    • Becoming pregnant can be an enormous emotional and physical roller coaster. The first trimester can be particularly challenging as “morning” sickness, fatigue, relationship dynamics, and expectations rapidly change. This session will provide tips for being comfortable in the early months of your pregnancy, offer considerations to help you determine your ideal providers and birthing location, suggest complimentary practitioners/resources as your interest/needs depend, and provide a safe, non-judgmental, space to process your new life. This session can be held individually or as a couple.

  • Partner Communication (2 hours)

    • Even the strongest relationships are tested when adding another person into the mix! Especially when that person relies on you for survival! Being a partner while being a parent is challenging whether you are expecting a baby, in the throws of the early years, or navigating through school-age/teenage drama. Explore techniques and tips for clearly communicating and understanding our partners. Each couple will leave with a better understanding of their personal relationship needs and desires as well as various ways to positively interact and connect with their partner.

  • Sibling Preparation / Transition (1 hour)

    • Going from Baby to Big Kid can be scary for both child and parent. This session will address the concerns, challenges, and logistics of preparing your child to become a sibling, provide considerations for birthing logistics (should my child be at the birth? Who will watch my child when I deliver? Etc) and explore techniques for managing multiple children after baby arrives while incorporating the emotional/logistical needs of siblings in an age-appropriate way. This session can also incorporate the (soon to be) sibling.

  • Sleep Solutions (1 hour)

    • Aaahhh sleep. That sweet, elusive, highly sought after sleep. Learn to understand your baby’s sleep needs, techniques for putting baby to sleep, how to practice safe sleep, and determine ways to help YOU get the rest and rejuvenation YOUR body needs. No need to cry it out! This is not a sleep training session; this session is designed to educate, provide concrete tools for promoting and obtaining sleep, and helping your family build the foundation for healthy. long-term, sleep practices.

  • SOS Help! (Drop-in Consultation)

    • “What do you want?” “I don’t know what to do!” “I am SO done!” “Help!” Don’t worry - we’ve all been there. Parenting can be hard and it’s not possible to know all the answers or have infinite patience. Come calm down, enjoy a drink, and find a safe and non-judgmental ear to listen to your frustrations, ease your concerns, and offer suggestions for your situation.

  • Welcome Home Baby (2 hours)

    • Caring for a newborn can be an exciting but daunting concept. No need to be nervous! This session will cover all of the basics of newborn handling and care. From holding and picking up a newborn, to understanding your baby’s communicative cues and crying, using our realistically weighted dolls, you will get hands on practice to feel confident bringing your baby home.

  • The Witching Hour (1 -2 hours)

    • It’s early evening; you’re exhausted and baby won’t stop _________ (crying, fussing, needing to be held, feeding, etc). When will this end? What can be done? This session is designed to help you understand why “the Witching Hour” happens and how you can make changes to reduce or eliminate the overwhelm of the evening.

  • Whatever YOU want to talk about!

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Consultations In-Home

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(We were) shown different options and techniques without being critical or judgmental with how we carried them out because you were always very supportive. Thank you for all your help! Best regards.
— J.M., First-time Dad
She taught me things that may be common sense, but that I didn’t know... like how to put the boys to sleep, how to swaddle properly, and how to determine if the babies were still hungry.
— T.S., Second-time Mama