There is no one right way to parent...

But there are many ways to feel good about your parenting skills! Let our professionally trained staff provide answers to your questions, realistic solutions to your concerns, and continual reassurance as you navigate your way through parenting. 

Private Consultations

Every family is unique and has their own personal challenges. Each consultation provides dedicated time with a trained professional so you can ask questions or address concerns you may not want to discuss in a public setting. Private consultations also provide an opportunity to obtain resources and solutions specific to your family's needs.

Topics include:

  • Back to Work Game-plan Session

  • Breastfeeding Basics Prenatal Session

  • Babe-In-Arms Breastfeeding Consultation Session

  • Breast Is Best Breastfeeding Package

  • Grandparent Greatness Session

  • Sleep Solutions Session

  • SOS Session

  • Welcome Home Baby Session

  • The Witching Hour Session

Consultations at Relief Parenting Center
$60/hour - Scheduled in advance
$70/hour - Drop-in

Consultations In-Home

Contact Krista Maltais to schedule your consultation

Group Classes

Every family struggles with similar challenges; feeding, sleep, relationships, the list goes on and on! The social and emotional support gained from group classes is invaluable. Learn that you are not alone in your parenting struggles, gain answers from other parents' questions, and find a safe, non-judgmental, place of open sharing. Our class topics change regularly so see our calendar for what is happening this month!

Click Each Class Title To Learn More and Register:

Cost varies, see our calendar for upcoming scheduled classes

Community Meetings

Every month, community groups such as the Seacoast Area La Leche League (LLL), International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN), and more will be offering FREE meetings at the Parenting Respite & Resource Center. See our calendar for upcoming scheduled meetings

If we’re getting it right, it’s in large part due to your influence! (The) knowledge and patience, kindness and understanding, were invaluable as we negotiated our way into parenthood.
— M.M. & A.M., First-time parents
(We were) shown different options and techniques without being critical or judgmental with how we carried them out because you were always very supportive. Thank you for all your help! Best regards.
— J.M., First-time Dad
She taught me things that may be common sense, but that I didn’t know... like how to put the boys to sleep, how to swaddle properly, and how to determine if the babies were still hungry.
— T.S., Second-time Mama