Whether you are newly considering or have already begun trying to conceive, this is a wonderful time to discover our resources for a healthy start to support your new life.

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Adrienne Irizarry - Perimsteam Hydrotherapist

Dr. Ryan Bailey - Women’s Health Physical Therapist

Krista Maltais - Parent Consultant, Advanced Postpartum Doula and Advanced Lactation Counselor

Mary Sanker - Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Pam Jaegar - Licensed Massage Therapist

Sarah Welch - Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Shelby Guptil - Registered Dietitian


Couples and Individual Psychotherapy with Sarah Welch

Pelvic Floor Health Screening with Dr. Ryan Bailey

Preparing for Parenthood Q&A with Krista Maltais

Private Psychotherapy with Mary Sanker

Vaginal Steaming for Fertility Support with Adrienne Irizarry