Respite Room Sessions are currently offered: Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 9am - 3pm

Looking for longer term relief? 3 month memberships are available!

A blessing for us new mamas who are overwhelmed, tired, and at times, frustrated!
— T.S., Second time mom of twins

Two hour session $32*

Massage + Sleep 2 hour session $105*

Sip + Soak + Sleep 90 minute session $62*

Steam + Sleep 90 minute session $75*

On-site Professional Childcare
$5 per child


Respite Rooms

You're exhausted. No one can sustain being "on" all the time. You need and deserve a break. Come, let us tuck you into our luxuriously comfortable bed and let you rest while your little one is cared for.

Pick your desired pillow from our one-of-a-kind pillow bar and choose an eye mask and/or ear plugs as we warm your therapeutic shoulder wrap. Our soundproof Respite Room offers a queen sized mattress, fresh linens, blackout curtains, as well as an ergonomic reading chair and ottoman. Our specialized sound machine offers a variety of options to ensure the tone is set to optimize your ideal relaxation experience. Best of all, after you emerge from your room, relaxed and rested, you don't have to make the bed!

This 3 month membership includes: Two, 2 Hour Respite Room Sessions per month. On-premise childcare is available for $5 per child.


Massage + Sleep*

This classic two hour session combines the power of touch with the benefits of sleep. Massage has been implemented in every culture for thousands of years to promote stress reduction, physical relaxation, and optimal health.

Licensed Massage Therapist, Pam Jaeger will utilize a variety of techniques during your hour long massage to ease your aching shoulders, release your body’s tension, and allow your mind to quiet before peacefully transitioning you into a private respite room for an hour of deep relaxation and rest.

(Prenatal & Postpartum massage is available)

Foot Soak.jpg

Sip + Soak + Sleep*

Not just for pampering! This special session encourages relaxation and replenishment. Herbal teas help to balance and nourish the depleted mother while the foot soak has benefits for the whole body.

From soothing aching tired feet to promoting deeper, more restful sleep, after sipping and soaking, you will be more than ready to adjourn to the respite room and catch up on some much needed (and deserved) sleep.

Tea Options Include: Warmed Spiced Milk or New Mother Tea

Moon Essence Sauna.PNG

Steam + Sleep*

This unique session includes a brief consultation with Perimsteam Hydrotherapist, Adrienne Irizarry, followed by 15 - 20 minutes of private, relaxing, vaginal steam therapy. After your steam session is complete, you can climb into bed and sleep for an hour, allowing your body and mind to find balance and relief.

Steam has been used through every stage of a woman’s life to regulate her cycle and restore balance to the body. Steam sterilizes and increases circulation to heal after giving birth, loosens old matter trapped in the uterus which triggers cramping and is a simple, effective and painless way to treat a variety of gynecological conditions.


Reiki + Rest*

Ease into your hour-long Respite Room session after enjoying a 30 minute Reiki treatment with Joy Theos. Reiki energy can help facilitate deep relaxation, reduction in stress, and provide overall peacefulness. By placing her hands above - or, with permission, on - your body in specific hand positions, clear, intentional healing energy is transferred into your energetic body to address physical, emotional, mental and or spiritual imbalances.

After your peaceful Reiki treatment, you will be guided into your private Respite Room where your body and mind will welcome deep sleep and rejuvenation.

* These sessions must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance

The respite rooms are beautiful, calming, and so cozy. They are better than my own bedroom at home!
— L.B., Mom of two

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Respite Room?

A safe, quiet, escape. A place to take a deep breath, read, or sleep. A lovely parenting time-out. The Respite Room is your sanctuary to relax and recharge.

How do I prepare for my respite session?

We recommend scheduling your respite session as soon as possible or booking multiple dates simultaneously to ensure your desired session times. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow time to check-in, drop off your child(ren) in the on-premise childcare room, enjoy a drink, and begin to relax. Late arrivals will result in a shortened experience, as your session will conclude at the scheduled time.

You are welcome to bring a pair of pajamas and change once in your private room or wear comfortable, yoga-type, clothing.

Can I book more than two hours?

At this time, sessions are scheduled for two hour increments as sleeping for 90 minutes has beneficial health. Sessions have also been structured to allow infants/young children a chance to check-in with you for comfort and feeding as well as provide multiple parents opportunities to rest. Should you desire more than two hours, please contact us.

Can I work during my two hour session?

The purpose of the respite rooms is to REST, relax, and rejuvenate. Electronics are strongly discouraged at the Parenting Respite & Resource Center as they distract from the time you deserve to focus on yourself. However, it’s your time to use as you will.

We also understand that sometimes you need to rest and sometimes you need to Get. Things. Done. Our Working Room sessions provide a quiet, relaxing space to complete tasks that seem insurmountable when little ones are under foot. Sessions 30 Minutes up to 2 Hour are available.

Can my partner join me?

The respite rooms are for one person only though your partner is welcome and encouraged to join you for any parenting classes, consultations, and/or events! Another option is to take turns enjoying our various combination sessions; your partner can experience bodywork or a private appointment while you utilize the Respite Room and then switch so BOTH of you can enjoy the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of our combination sessions.

Do I need to be a parent to attend the Center?

Relief - Parenting Respite & Resource Center was developed to fulfill the needs of caregivers with young children. The services focus on overcoming common parenting barriers for self care, such as finding on-premise affordable childcare, a safe place to rest, and professional services surrounding the perinatal experience. At this time, the priority of scheduling sessions, classes, consultations, and events is given to parents. Please call the Center if you would like to learn more. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations of Respite Room sessions must be made at least one-hour in advance of the appointment or you will be charged for the full cost of the session. We also require that cancellations be made by speaking with a Relief Parent Care Coordinator and not left on voice mail on via email.